An instrumental conducting recital document

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dc.description.abstractThis document supports a conducting recital given in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Music in Instrumental Conducting. Included in the body of this text are biographical information on each composer's life, a historical perspective on each work, a description on the form and structure of each work, and rehearsal recommendations and considerations regarding issues encountered in the preparation of the music. While conducting students have traditionally assembled an independent ensemble for such an occasion, this was not the case for this event. Due to the inherent problems in assembling a wind ensemble for a fifty minute conducting recital, it was determined that the candidate would conduct The University of Texas at San Antonio Wind Ensemble through the 2008-2010 school year. On each concert the candidate would be videotaped conducting one or two pieces, and at the end of the 2010 school year, the conducting tapes would be assembled into one recital tape, fifty minutes in length, and forwarded to the faculty along with this document. The works comprising the graduate conducting recital were taped at The University of Texas at San Antonio Department of Music Recital Hall on the following dates: Procession of the Nobles by Nicholas Rimsky-Korsakov -- October 1, 2009 -- (duration -- 4:40) Concord by Clare Grundman -- December 5, 2008 -- (duration -- 5:20) They Led My Lord Away by Adoniram J. Gordon -- December 5, 2008 -- (duration -- 3:00) Appassionato by Vaclav Nelhybel -- February 18, 2010 -- (duration -- 6:30) March, Op. 99 by Sergei Prokofiev -- November 12, 2009 -- (duration -- 4:00) English Folk Song Suite by Ralph Vaughan Williams -- April 16, 2009 -- (duration -- 10:00) Inchon by Robert W. Smith -- April 28, 2010 -- (duration -- 10:00) Symphonic Dance No. 3 by J. Clifton Williams -- April 28, 2010 -- (duration -- 6:30). Most of the works represent standard 20th century wind band repertoire. One work, however, is a transcription of an orchestral piece from the 19th century, and another is a programmatic work from the 21st century. For readers attempting to obtain information for practical applications in their own teaching situations, it is strongly suggested that this document be read with the specific scores readily available.
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dc.titleAn instrumental conducting recital document
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