El doble poder de ser bilingue y bicultural: A Case Study Of How The Experiences Of Dual Language Administrators Influence Their Practice




Medina, Monica B.

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With the immense growth of Latinos dual language programs are frequently and rapidly being implemented in school at all levels across Pk-12. Currently, without requirements of specializations or certifications to demonstrate expertise in Bilingual or bicultural education, administrators are left to lead dual language schools using only what they know. The purpose of this study is to critically examine how the bilingual and bicultural experiences of dual language administrators influence their leadership practices. In addition, I explored their perceptions of what is necessary to equitably lead a dual language campus. The goal is to understand how administrators apply a social justice mindset based on their experiences to sustaining a dual language program that promotes bilingualism and biculturalism program for Bilinguals and Emergent Bilinguals. Understanding this complex will help dual language principals in the future implement and sustain an effective and equitable dual language program at all levels. A case study with semi-structured interviews were the methods used to conduct this qualitative study. Upon analyzing the data, four emergent themes were identified and discussed: Pride and Empowerment, Advocacy for Social Justice, Professional Development Conversations, and Leadership Decisions. Key findings indicated that dual language administrators pull from their repertoire of bilingual and bicultural experiences to empathize with their students and faculty. This lends itself to sustaining a Social Justice mindset administrators use to naturally and intentionally make equitable decision. Moreover, the research identified the ability to empathize and intentionally having Critical Conversations as being necessary tools for critical leaders at dual language schools.


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Administrators, Bicultural, Bilingual, Leadership, Principal



Educational Leadership and Policy Studies