The discourse on educational technology in corporate advertising, landscape reports, and mass media




Heinsfeld, Bruna Damiana

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This dissertation aims to critically examine discourses surrounding educational technology from various perspectives, including corporate discourse, educational landscape reports, and media representation. Using discourse analysis as a theoretical framework and methodological approach, this three-essay dissertation explores the discourse in the educational technology sector, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on such discourse, and the changing representations of technology in educational settings. The first paper investigates how corporations shape beliefs and perceptions about the role of technology in education through the dimensions of technological optimism, solutionism, and determinism. The second paper focuses on the EDUCAUSE Horizon Report, exploring its discourse on technology in the last three years. The third paper examines representations of technology in The New York Times’ Education section over a five-year period, highlighting the changing discourse surrounding technology integration in educational settings. This dissertation has broad implications for educators, policymakers, and the public in promoting informed perspectives on the role of technology in education. Overall, the three studies included in this work shed light on how corporate advertising, landscape reports, and mass media influence – and often shape – the discourse on educational technology, which calls for a critical analysis of how it is framed, presented, and “sold” to educational stakeholders and decision-makers.


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Corporate Discourse, Discourse Analysis, EdTech Speak, Educational Landscape Reports, Educational Technology, News media



Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching