Processor Level Architectural Support for Remote Attestation of Embedded Systems




Venkatachari, Sruthilaya

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Our Future is expected to be surrounded by embedded devices ranging from sensor networks to cell phones along with all the smart devices. A foe can bargain our security and wellbeing by perniciously altering the memory substance of these installed gadgets. This is only due to out tight resource constrain the embedded systems are not affordable for high-security systems. But still, with some compromise, the embedded systems can be used as a launch pad while attacking. One way by which the compromise can be stopped is the secure boot. At the booting time, the integrity of the firmware is checked by comparing the integrity matrix which is nothing but the checksum with the precomputed system. But one problem with this is works only during the booting time and not the runtime. To overcome this, we are designing an attestation module which will provide improved security along with a better performance.


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Electrical and Computer Engineering