The effects of Latino stereotypes and negative online comments




Velasco, Teresa

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This study predicts that exposure to stereotypical videos involving Latinos, as well as negative YouTube comments, can influence an individual's emotions and policy views. Specifically, using video content from the Netflix original series, Narcos, a 2X2 between participants, factorial design was used to measure emotions after watching video content and then reading YouTube comments. Negative emotions were measured after viewing Narcos clips portraying the main Latino character as either violent or compassionate then viewing either negative or positive filled YouTube comments about Narcos and Latinos in general. ANCOVA analysis provided significant results for emotion when examining non-Latino participants. Contrary to expectations, the result was that non-Latinos experienced more negative emotion after exposure to the more compassionate video. Results also showed that non-Latinos did respond to the YouTube comments as expected. Specifically, they experienced more negative feelings after reading negative YouTube comments and more positive feelings after reading positive YouTube comments. These results were found to be significant in exploratory analysis.


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Comments, Latino, Stereotype, User-Generated Content, Video, YouTube