Characterization of Redflow's ZBM2 Zinc-Bromide Flow Battery




Anderson, Jeffrey

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For years, renewable energy has been growing as an alternative source of energy. However, one of the biggest problems is to be able to effectively use the energy when people need it. Battery energy storage systems store energy from renewable sources for use when needed, whether it is for direct use, or synchronizing with the grid for efficient use. While there are many types of batteries being looked at for renewable use, flow batteries are of note due to the claim of being able to handle years of use before seeing any degradation in battery life. The thesis looks at characterizing Redflow's ZBM2 to see the factors that affect the battery the most, as well as to see the conditions using the battery would be best suited. Testing conditions include looking at how the battery performs for both static testing, as well as dynamic testing. From this, it is seen that factors such as the auxiliary systems and self-maintenance can have a significant impact on performance and efficiency. Furthermore, a discussion on future work to be done to fully understand the limitations and possible applications of the battery have been made.


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Electrical and Computer Engineering