Energy Harvesting Using a Stacked PZT Transducer for Self-Sustainable Remote Multi-Sensing and Data Logging System




Dipon, Wasim
Gamboa, Bryan
Guo, Ruyan
Bhalla, Amar

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The work discussed is developing a self-sustainable low-power remote multi-sensing and data logging system for traffic sensing. The system is powered by the energy harvested using a stacked PZT (Lead zirconate titanate) transducer from the mechanical vibration from the vehicles passing over roads. The system is capable of multi-sensing functionality, logging the sensor data, and wirelessly transferring sensory data to an end-user device. Various power management techniques and engineering applications were made to achieve low power operation of the system while maintaining the full functionality and the accuracy of the sensor data. The energy harvester used is a custom-designed and fabricated stacked piezoelectric transducer optimized for maximum energy harvesting from the mechanical vibration from roadway traffic. A custom-built AC to DC converter is used to convert the harvested energy into useable electrical power. The system was tested under various experimental setups yielding satisfactory data accuracy while operating at low power. The system also successfully transferred sensor data remotely. All these features make the system self-sustainable and suitable for remote sensing applications without a conventional power source.



stacked PZT transducer, 1:3 composite stacked PZT transducer, piezoelectric constant, elastic modulus, low-power remote sensing, mechanical energy harvesting, clock prescaling, serial peripheral interface, inter-integrated circuit serial communication


Journal of Composites Science 6 (2): 49 (2022)


Electrical and Computer Engineering