Teacher Perceptions of Minority Students' Academic Potential and Technology-mediated Cultural Responsiveness




Duff, Nicole Nikeeta

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A common theme that continues to emerge in contemporary discourse regarding the disparities in achievement between students of color and their non-minority counterparts is the attribution of lower achievement scores to demographic characteristics of students of color. This mixed methods study seeks to re-examine the conversation surrounding a factor that is external to students to determine whether it may affect their academic abilities and motivations to learn – teacher perceptions of minority students' academic potential. Instead of focusing solely on the issue, this study also aims to provide teachers evidence-based approaches to foster success among these students using aspects of students' social worlds; technology coupled with their culture, in a single study. This study measured 99 pre and in-service teachers' perceptions of the academic abilities of minority students and of the use of technology-mediated cultural responsiveness to aid in their achievement through a survey containing mostly items from pre-published instruments. Results showed that the vast majority of participants reported positive beliefs about the constructs measured with mainly negligible differences noticed between the sub-groups. However, findings also revealed that some participants hold assimilationist ideologies that can further disadvantage minority students, and others either lack access to technologies or are not encouraging their students to utilize them in their classrooms. It is imperative that teacher education programs equip cohorts with knowledge about fostering equity in the classroom and practical ways of using technology to help produce good digital citizens and to incorporate aspects of students' culture into their learning experiences.



Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies, equity, instructional technologies, teacher perceptions



Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching