Designing Multifunctional Multiferroic Composites for Advanced Electronic Applications




Pereira, Lilian Nunes
Pastoril, Julio Cesar Agreira
Dias, Gustavo Sanguino
Santos, Ivair Aparecido dos
Guo, Ruyan
Bhalla, Amar S.
Cotica, Luiz Fernando

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This paper presents a novel approach for the fabrication of magnetoelectric composites aimed at enhancing cross-coupling between electrical and magnetic phases for potential applications in intelligent sensors and electronic components. Unlike previous methodologies known for their complexity and expense, our method offers a simple and cost-effective assembly process conducted at room temperature, preserving the original properties of the components and avoiding undesired phases. The composites, composed of PZT fibers, cobalt (CoFe2O4), and a polymeric resin, demonstrate the uniform distribution of PZT-5A fibers within the cobalt matrix, as demonstrated by scanning electron microscopy. Detailed morphological analyses reveal the interface characteristics crucial for determining overall performance. Dielectric measurements indicate stable behaviors, particularly when PZT-5A fibers are properly poled, showcasing potential applications in sensors or medical devices. Furthermore, H-dependence studies illustrate strong magnetoelectric interactions, suggesting promising avenues for enhancing coupling efficiency. Overall, this study lays the basic work for future optimization of composite composition and exploration of its long-term stability, offering valuable insights into the potential applications of magnetoelectric composites in various technological domains.




Electronics 13 (12): 2266 (2024)


Electrical and Computer Engineering