Advanced Control of Artificial Finger Actuation Using Computer Vision and Sensors with Application in Prosthetics




Dubey, Shalit

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These days, many people don’t have the access to the advanced prosthetics devices because of their very high end cost. Most of the time prosthetics require surgery to implant sensor on the patient’s body. To overcome this situation I am going to use computer vision to detect the object in front of the hand and manipulate the finger to grab it. In past recent years the advancement in computer vision had given us the ability to detect objects properly and very accurately. The goal of this thesis project is to design and prosthetic arm that can be operated using advance sensors and computer vision techniques.

The arm is built using advanced 3D printing technique and operated using computer vision on a raspberry pi. There are only few parts used in this project which make the cost of the arm very less as compared to some of the alternatives in the market.


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Electrical and Computer Engineering