"No Estas Sola!": Reclaiming Space & Place Through Transformational Solidarity & Coalitional Healing




Munoz, Jazmin

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St. Sucia is a submission-based zine out of San Antonio, Texas that serves as a physical discursive material that acts as a “megaphone gritando NO ESTAS SOLA!” I argue that when St. Sucia mails out a zine to mujeres, this has the power to transform not just the readers discursively, but the physical space the reader and zine occupies. This leads to the healing transformation of the reader who receives the zines. This healing occurs through two concepts that I call mujer-mujer love and transformative solidarity – a healing transformation that occurs through a political praxis of love and leads to radical solidarity across physical space and time. Guided by the work of US Third World feminisms, I explore the power coalitional DIY culture makers have to transform mujeres and reclaim physical space through mujer-mujer love and transformative solidarity demonstrating the power of marginality as a “site of radical possibility,” as conceptualized by hooks. Through a combined methods approach of an autohistoria-teoría and a critical discourse analysis of St. Sucia zines, I examine the power to reclaim physical space and collectively heal each other through coalitional DIY expression and cultural creation.


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St. Sucia, zines



Bicultural-Bilingual Studies