Pláticando Con Yana Wana: Testimonio of a Water Protector




Orta, Brianna Raquel

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The following thesis is my testimonio during my time defending Water as sacred and living. I approach this research through Anzaldúan autohistoria, autohistoria teoría, pláticas~testimonio, and border arte. Engaging with Anzaldúan autohistoria teoría, I weave border arte as memory of water and musical, visual art and writing to theorize lived experience. Centering healing physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, I am interested in the process that we make hydro-logic meaning in our identities through vibrational frequencies. “Border art remembers its roots- sacred and folk art are often one and the same.” (2015, 53). We remember where we come from and call on our bodies’ waters to guide us. Across and beyond colonial borders, prophecies that predate settler contact are underway and we are the vehicles of that change unfearingly.


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border arte, decolonial methodologies, testimonio, water protector



Bicultural-Bilingual Studies