Predicting professional school counselor role stress from school counselor supervisior effectiveness




McClendon, Levi S.

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The profession of school counseling is continually evolving. Despite clarification of school counselor roles as delineated and advocated by the American School Counselor Association and the Texas Education Agency, Texas school counselors are still being assigned duties inconsistent with their training and expertise. Conflicting expectations of school counselor roles can lead to role stress which may persist due to ineffective school counselor supervision. The purpose of this survey-designed quantitative study was to establish the reliability and validity for the Dunn Supervision Scale with a sample of supervised school counselors from large school district in South Central Texas, examine whether a two or three factor model of role stress was supported with the population under study, and predict role stress experienced, based on school counselor supervisor effectiveness for supervised school counselors in a large school district in South Central Texas. An exploratory factor analysis with oblique rotation was used to determine the reliability and validity of the DSS and Role Questionnaire. DSS factor analysis results were three primary scales and six subscales. A factor analysis of the role questionnaire yielded two factors: role conflict and role ambiguity.

Sequential blocks multiple regression was employed to predict school counselor role stress based on school counselor supervisor effectiveness. Neither model was statistically significant suggesting that participant demographic information nor school counselor supervisor effectiveness predicted role conflict or role ambiguity for supervised school counselors in a large school district in South Central Texas. Implications for school counseling personnel and recommendations for future research was described.


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Role Ambiguity, Role Conflict, Role Stress, School Counseling Supervision, School Counselor Roles, Supervision Effectiveness