Synthesis and optical characterization of interactive nanosystems




Yasmin, Zannatul

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The use of interactive nanosystems (INSs) has unique advantages in sensing applications. Due to their multivalent interactions and stimuli responsiveness i.e. chemical, optical, pH, these adaptive networks can enhance sensing applications. In this work, two distinct INSs are synthesized and the interparticle interactions are probed optically. One of them is the gold nanoparticles based INS in presence of the biomolecule, glutathione. Their unique optical properties and surface binding affinity to thiol-containing glutathione provide an intriguing opportunity to probe bio-systems. The second one is the rare earth oxides/fluorides conjugated with gold nanoparticles based INS which exhibit tunabilty in their multi-wavelength absorbance and emission through coupling with the surface plasmon resonance of gold nanoparticles. The conjugation of these two interactive particles is uniquely synthesized in the presence of the bio-polymer chitosan. This structure displays tunable optical properties. The two novel INSs presented are characterized through their optical signatures using various spectroscopies including a novel approach developed in this work that comprises an all optical photoacoustic spectroscopy (AOPAS). The AOPAS technique is used to determine the unique characteristics of these INSs in aqueous environments by measuring their optical properties in situ . Additionally, we expect the AOPAS technique will provide unique information about nano-bio interfaces and the usefulness of INS as sensors in biological systems without the artifacts limiting the use of current methods, such as fluorescence-based indicators.


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Biosensor, Gold nanoparticles, In situ sensing, Nano-bio interface, Photoacoustic spectroscopy, Rare earth nanoparticles



Physics and Astronomy