What About Us? Centering Black Women Survivor's Experience with Title IX




Cartwright, Camille Rae

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In this study, I examine the experiences of Black women survivors (BWS) of sexual assault who attend(ed) predominantly white institutions (PWI). Specifically, I highlight the voices of BWS that chose to disclose their assault and better understand if their identity as a Black woman impacted their experiences with their Title IX office. In this qualitative study I take a narrative inquiry approach to gain first-hand perspectives of BWS' experience with the Title IX process. Participants were recruited through various social media platforms and relevant professional organization listservs. Data was collected from three participants via a semi-structured virtual zoom interview, with the remaining nineteen from a Google electronic survey. Data collected provided insight into how participants navigated the Title IX process, their perceptions of institutional and peer support, and their experience with their journey of healing and recovery. Recommendations for practitioners and future researchers are presented.


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Black women survivors, Title IX, Violence against women



Educational Leadership and Policy Studies