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    • How Gender Affects Motor Vehicle Crashes: A Case Study from San Antonio, Texas 

      Billah, Khondoker; Sharif, Hatim O.; Dessouky, Samer (2022-06-08)
      Traffic crashes are among the leading causes of injuries and fatalities worldwide. The main assumption of this study is that traffic crash rates, injury severity, and driving behaviors differ by the driver’s gender. ...
    • Hydrodynamic and Polyelectrolyte Properties of Actin Filaments: Theory and Experiments 

      Alva, Ernesto; George, Annitta; Brancaleon, Lorenzo; Marucho, Marcelo (2022-06-16)
      Actin filament’s polyelectrolyte and hydrodynamic properties, their interactions with the biological environment, and external force fields play an essential role in their biological activities in eukaryotic cellular ...
    • Switching to a Standard Chow Diet at Weaning Improves the Effects of Maternal and Postnatal High-Fat and High-Sucrose Diet on Cardiometabolic Health in Adult Male Mouse Offspring 

      Chiñas Merlin, Andrea; Gonzalez, Kassandra; Mockler, Sarah; Perez, Yessenia; Jia, U-Ter Aondo; Chicco, Adam J.; Ullevig, Sarah L.; Chung, Eunhee (2022-06-18)
      Cardiac mitochondrial dysfunction contributes to obesity-associated heart disease. Maternal and postnatal diet plays an important role in cardiac function, yet the impacts of a mismatch between prenatal and postweaning ...
    • Predictors of Variations in Residential Water Consumption in Central Texas 

      Potter, Lloyd B.; Tremaine, Darrel M.; Banner, Jay L. (2022-06-03)
      Background: The 100th Meridian in Texas aligns with a corridor of large and rapidly growing urban areas with a growing water demand and limited supply. Understanding the variations in residential water consumption may ...
    • Theory of Weakly Polydisperse Cytoskeleton Filaments 

      Warshavsky, Vadim; Marucho, Marcelo (2022-05-17)
      Cytoskeleton filaments have the extraordinary ability to change conformations dynamically in response to alterations of the number density of actins/tubulin, the number density and type of binding agents, and the electrolyte ...
    • Simulation and Modeling of Optical Properties of U, Th, Pb, and Co Nanoparticles of Interest to Nuclear Security Using Finite Element Analysis 

      Gharibshahi, Elham; Alamaniotis, Miltos (2022-05-17)
      In this work, the optical characteristics of uranium (U), lead (Pb), cobalt (Co), and thorium (Th) nanoparticles are fashioned and simulated employing the finite element analysis (FEA) approach concerning multiple particle ...
    • Analysis and Development of a Small-Scale Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (sCO2) Brayton Cycle 

      Patel, Raj C.; Bass, Diego C.; Dukuze, Ganza Prince; Andrade, Angelina; Combs, Christopher S. (2022-05-13)
      Carbon dioxide&rsquo;s (CO<sub>2</sub>) ability to reach the supercritical phase (7.39 MPa and 304.15 K) with low thermal energy input is an advantageous feature in power generation design, allowing for the use of various ...
    • Minding Mental Health: Clinicians&rsquo; Engagement with Youth Suicide Prevention 

      Klee, Katherine; Bartkowski, John P. (2022-05-11)
      Suicidal ideation and deaths among children and adolescents have seen an unprecedented rise over the last ten years, recently further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This research explores mental health professionals&rsquo; ...
    • Religion and Help-Seeking: Theological Conservatism and Preferences for Mental Health Assistance 

      Moreno, Ashley N.; Bartkowski, John P.; Xu, Xiaohe (2022-05-05)
      Religious affiliation and attendance have been shown to affect various facets of mental health, including the willingness to seek mental health assistance; however, little is known about how theological beliefs influence ...
    • Evaluation of Artificial Intelligence Methods to Estimate the Compressive Strength of Geopolymers 

      Zou, Yong; Zheng, Chao; Alzahrani, Abdullah Mossa; Ahmad, Waqas; Ahmad, Ayaz; Mohamed, Abdeliazim Mustafa; Khallaf, Rana; Elattar, Samia (2022-04-26)
      The depletion of natural resources and greenhouse gas emissions related to the manufacture and use of ordinary Portland cement (OPC) pose serious concerns to the environment and human life. The present research focuses on ...
    • Reevaluating the Language of Learning Advantage in Bilingual Arithmetic: An ERP Study on Spoken Multiplication Verification 

      Cerda, Vanessa R.; Montufar Soria, Paola; Wicha, Nicole Y. (2022-04-21)
      Many studies of bilingual arithmetic report better performance when verifying arithmetic facts in the language of learning (LA+) over the other language (LA&minus;). This could be due to language-specific memory representations, ...
    • My ‘Hair’itage 

      McKinney, Garland (2022-05-09)
      It is a girl’s first day at her new school, and she is challenged to fit in because of her unique appearance.
    • Love Grows 

      Harris, Sunny (2022-05-10)
      A caterpillar going through changes asks her mother a series of questions about life, love, and growing up. Her mother answers with bedtime stories like anecdotes that deal with race, gender, and sexuality both as personal ...
    • Pluto and Juno 

      Wang, Makayla (2022-01-27)
      The story explores two identical siblings who are unable to be set apart from one another and can be relational to children who are experiencing a sense of neglect within their upbringing. Thus, encouraging readers to ...
    • Riding with Abuelita 

      Gorham, Charles (2022-05-10)
      After failing to ride his bike, Eddie visits his grandma who encourages him to try again through stories of her life adventures.
    • Finding Our Hue 

      Gill, Abrianna (2022-05-10)
      Blue is faced with a choice: Follow their dreams and let down their parents, or follow their parents’ wishes and let down themselves. When different colors meet, will they collide, or mix to create a new hue?
    • A Knead to Belong 

      Zavaletta, Cat (2022-05-10)
      Batches of freshly, baked pastries come out of the oven. Many of the same. But, there is one that stands out amongst the rest. Will they ever find where their place?
    • Flowing Back to Me 

      Poole, Nicole (5/10/22)
      A poetic picture book which details the journey of losing one’s inner child and the path back to recovery.
    • Rudy's Gift 

      Tomlinson, Noah (2022-05-07)
      Rudy finds adventure while pursuing for the perfect gift.
    • Advances in Technological Research for Online and In Situ Water Quality Monitoring&mdash;A Review 

      Silva, Gabriel Marinho e; Campos, Daiane Ferreira; Brasil, José Artur Teixeira; Tremblay, Marcel; Mendiondo, Eduardo Mario; Ghiglieno, Filippo (2022-04-22)
      Monitoring water quality is an essential tool for the control of pollutants and pathogens that can cause damage to the environment and human health. However, water quality analysis is usually performed in laboratory ...