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    • My Turning Point 

      Morrow, Madison (2021-02-02)
      Two perspectives of life and what can change them.
    • Following in Her Footsteps 

      Ghanem, Rodina (2021-02-12)
      In part 1, I talk about my experience as a senior in high school through COVID and I reflect on the instability COVID caused everyone. In part 2, I talk about my grandmother's move to Sudan in pursuit of her studies and ...
    • My Family's Defining Moments 

      Warren, Alexis (2021-02-08)
      Different defining/life changing events in my life and my grandparents lives.
    • Testing the Waters & 44 Years 

      Lazaro, Joshua (2021-02-11)
      Part 1: A first generation student explaining the importance of Diversity in Stem and his experiences. Part 2: The anecdote of a father facing a deportation trail.
    • A New Found Perspective 

      Uriegas, Ian (2021-02-11)
      The work is about a defining moment in my life and a defining moment in my mother's life.
    • Middle Eastern Immigration 

      Faiz, Navid (2021-02-11)
      Stories of how the experience of immigrating to the U.S. is for those living in the Middle East, along with the effects of trying to immigrate on their family.
    • My Most Defining Moment 

      Saldana, Jasmine (2021-01-25)
      Its about my most defining moment in my life and how it has affected me throughout my life. This one moment between my parents helped me and my brother have a completely different life than we would've had if they stayed ...
    • Defining Moments: A Year of Loss and a Fight For Home 

      Borsos, Alessandra (2021-02-11)
      This writing tell of a defining moment of my first experience of loss, as well as a defining moment from my great grandmother in which she fights for her nation and makes choices that changed her life.
    • Defining Moments: Overcoming Disappointment 

      Hammar, Kaylee (2021-02-10)
      This describes two defining moments in which disappointment and tragedy lead to a good and surprising outcome.
    • A short story of my father 

      Lopez, Jennifer (2021-02-10)
      This piece is about the sacrifices and struggles my father went through in order to give me the life I have today and how he continues to strive for more despite his age.
    • Big Decisions: A Multi-Generational Theme 

      Tuveson, McKenna (2021-02-09)
      Both me and my parents have had to take great leaps of faith to follow our dreams, not always knowing where they will take us.
    • The Past Affecting the Present 

      Ho, Atara (2021-01-27)
      A defining moment for me in the year 2020 and a defining moment for my parents
    • My Mother, My Inspiration 

      Ifeanyi, Amanda (2021-01-24)
      My defining moment, my ancestor's defining moment
    • Defining Working Moments 

      Swafford, Katrina (2021-01-19)
      My work is all about defining how I've made progress on working towards my degree, and how my grandparents and their children have had to work hard to gain citizenship in America.
    • Defining Moment of my Freshman Year in College 

      Compton, Kelsey (2021-02-07)
      My work is about a defining moment that I thought shaped me as a person and also a defining moment from ancestors to see how they correlate.
    • A Life Changing Experience 

      Shenouda, George (2021-01-31)
      My work is about the defining moment in my life and in my parents' life.
    • Find Your Destiny 

      Martinez, Thomas (2021-01-31)
      My work is about a defining moment in both my life and one of my ancestor's life.
    • The Supreme Court and my Civil Rights: Uncertainty Ahead 

      Perez, Matthew (2021-01-24)
      From Supreme Court vacancies to the threat of losing one's civil right to marry, history is uncertain for the rights of many LGBT citizens.
    • Defining Moment 

      Salas, Graciela Angeles (2021-01-23)
      Defining my history and my ancestor.
    • Defining Moments: My Grandfather's Illness 

      Karthik, Nikita (2021-01-24)
      This piece is about my grandfather's role in motivating me to pursue a career in the medical field by turning his sudden illness into a learning experience for me.