The year 2020 has been monumental and will have immense historical significance. The Covid-19 pandemic has upended the lives of hundreds of millions globally causing physical, social, and financial concerns. The Black Lives Matter Movement has highlighted racial injustices and the need for social change. The presidential election will tackle platform issues including healthcare, national defense, immigration, environment, fiscal policy, and social justice. These are just a few of the national and global issues we face today. It seems possible, that we are entering into an entirely new historical epoch that will present challenges as well as opportunities.  We are a UTSA community and desire to unite in our experiences and share our stories during this unprecedented time. The following is a collaborative interdisciplinary project designed to gather, create, and preserve the UTSA stories of the present.

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Recent Submissions

  • Dance: The Burning 2 

    Ward, Natalya; Hogan, Mackenzie; Oyler, Acacia (2021-05-05)
  • Dance: The Burning 

    Ward, Natalya; Hogan, Mackenzie; Oyler, Acacia (2021-05-05)
  • Pierrot The Fool 

    Borazjanian, Ari (2021-05-11)
    This is an art book about balancing many life changes and the flexibility needed to keep everything at peace. This is shown through a clown perpetually walking on a tightrope going nowhere throughout the book. The clown/circus ...
  • Inside Me 

    Sanchez, Paola (2021-05-04)
    This project is about an essay I read about a students going through her hardships with asthma. I used her story and my story with my condition, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and created a diary with entries from other ...
  • Diary 

    Rodriguez, Maria (2021-05-09)
    My work is about the looming and lingering anxiety felt in the beginning of quarantine. How words and emotions can be expressed visually.
  • Objects & Reflections 

    Vega, Joe Raymond (2020-12-01)
    This piece is a reflection of Human Rights broken down into basic geometric shapes. The piece focuses on the contrast between light and dark, yin and yang, and the value of everything in between. Using sound and visuals ...
  • Our Journey 

    Ortiz, Stephanie (2020-08-25)
    My project consists of my life during the pandemic and the changes I had to undergo alongside the story of my grandparents and the changes they had to phase in earlier years.
  • The Burning 

    Hernandez, Moises; Cano, Robert (2020-10-01)
    The intention of this poem was to give the reader a visceral description of what hate and anxiety can do to an individual. How it can manifest itself into this living breathing monster that only knows pain and suffering.
  • 2020, America Revealed 

    Dehoyos, Toni (2020-12-10)
    The 2020 pandemic hit and a lot of things changed and thousands of people were against guidelines and mandates, turning a blind eye to something very serious. I was inspired to create a print for depicting America and ...
  • The Walls Stare Back 

    Jimenez, Lily (2020-12-10)
    This picture is inspired by my recent trials in a 2-week quarantine. Essentially trapped by the walls of my room with no opportunity of leaving my space, the idea of being confined overrode my thoughts. As I analyzed the ...
  • It's all the same 

    Herrera, Madeline (2020)
    This print was inspired by personal accounts, rooted in those around my life and general themes of isolation that many faced in 2020. As I absorbed the projects did themes of loss, mental struggles and a sense of chaos ...
  • Ignite 

    Estrada, Angel; Maredia, Simran (2020-12-08)
    We chose to base our design off of personal issues and the emotional rollercoaster that the entire world has been going through. We read over the poem, “The Burning” and we loved how it explored emotions at a deeper and ...
  • The Burning 

    Ingraham, Levi (2021-01-28)
    "The Burning" illustrates the hardships that arise from a lack of understanding, the consequences of insularity. Inspired by a poem of the same name, this musical piece is representative of the difficulties individuals ...
  • Personal Bubble 

    Ortiz, Christian; Divina, Noreena (2020-12-12)
    The project's purpose is to make an outside theater dedicated to the comfortability of an individual and the focus on how to make the theater's sound performance high quality. It also follows our current situation on regards ...
  • In Time: A Performance Pavilion for Reconnecting and Sharing Experience 

    O'Leary, Janay Blancarte; Estrada, Guadalupe (2020-12-11)
    This space was designed by Janay Blancarte O'Leary and Guadalupe Estrada, This performance pavilion is a meeting place that encourages congregation and socialization, and it promotes health both in body and mind through ...
  • Defining Moment- Christopher Blevins 

    Blevins, Christopher (2020-11)
    It is a story of myself and some defining moments in my life followed by defining moments in my ancestors life, the ancestor being my father.
  • The Disturbance 

    Bradley, Hannah (2020-10-22)
    The Disturbance is about the hardship and hope that surrounds the events of the pandemic.
  • Disinfect 

    Vilches, Itzel (2020-12-10)
    In a pandemic, our physical belongings aren't the only thing we should frequently wipe clean from viruses. With every notification and news headline, my headspace became contaminated with thoughts of anxiety, doubt, and ...
  • Defining Moment- Matthew Kelly 

    Kelly, Matthew (2021-02-10)
    Describing the defining moment within my life, as well as describing the defining moment in one of my ancestors lives.
  • Memories of One's Youth 

    Jeedigunta, Shreya (2021-02-12)
    My summary is a defining moment of my life as well as the defining moment of my grandparents lide in order to see how the times have changed.

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