Developing an Undocumented Resource Center: The Case of Mountain West University




De Leon, Brianda

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This critical case study explores creating and implementing an undocumented resource center (USRC) in Utah. Using a qualitative research approach, the study draws on interviews with key stakeholders involved in the development and operation of USRCs and an analysis of policy documents and other relevant materials. The study finds that creating USRCs is a complex process that involves navigating various political, institutional, and social factors. While there is significant variation in how USRCs are structured and operate across different campuses, they generally aim to provide various services and resources to support undocumented students, including academic advising, legal assistance, and community building. In particular, the study highlights the importance of understanding the political and social contexts in which USRCs are situated and how power dynamics and competing interests can shape their development and implementation. Overall, this critical case study contributes to the growing body of research on the role of USRCs in supporting undocumented students in higher education and provides insights and proposes that leaders build a race-conscious (LatCrit) Leadership in higher education for those who are policymakers, administrators, and advocates seeking to create and sustain these critical resources.


The author has granted permission for their work to be available to the general public.


College access, Immigration and education policy, LatCrit Conscious Leadership, Undocumented Resource Centers, Immigration, Leadership, Administrators



Educational Leadership and Policy Studies