Biophotons and Emergence of Quantum Coherence—A Diffusion Entropy Analysis




Benfatto, Maurizio
Pace, Elisabetta
Curceanu, Catalina
Scordo, Alessandro
Clozza, Alberto
Davoli, Ivan
Lucci, Massiliano
Francini, Roberto
De Matteis, Fabio
Grandi, Maurizio

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We study the emission of photons from germinating seeds using an experimental technique designed to detect light of extremely small intensity. We analyze the dark count signal without germinating seeds as well as the photon emission during the germination process. The technique of analysis adopted here, called diffusion entropy analysis (DEA) and originally designed to measure the temporal complexity of astrophysical, sociological and physiological processes, rests on Kolmogorov complexity. The updated version of DEA used in this paper is designed to determine if the signal complexity is generated either by non-ergodic crucial events with a non-stationary correlation function or by the infinite memory of a stationary but non-integrable correlation function or by a mixture of both processes. We find that dark count yields the ordinary scaling, thereby showing that no complexity of either kinds may occur without any seeds in the chamber. In the presence of seeds in the chamber anomalous scaling emerges, reminiscent of that found in neuro-physiological processes. However, this is a mixture of both processes and with the progress of germination the non-ergodic component tends to vanish and complexity becomes dominated by the stationary infinite memory. We illustrate some conjectures ranging from stress induced annihilation of crucial events to the emergence of quantum coherence.


Figures available at This article belongs to the Special Issue Memory and Criticality.


biophotons, diffusion entropy analysis, complexity, cognition, biophotons, diffusion entropy analysis, complexity, cognition


Benfatto, M., Pace, E., Curceanu, C., Scordo, A., Clozza, A., Davoli, I., ... & Grigolini, P. (2021). Biophotons and Emergence of Quantum Coherence—A Diffusion Entropy Analysis. Entropy, 23(5), 554.


Neuroscience, Developmental and Regenerative Biology