Implementing Asynchronous Instructional Materials for Students With Learning Disabilities




Love, Matthew L.
Ewoldt, Kathy B.

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A core component or modern education is the provision of online instruction. Across K-12, postsecondary, and ongoing professional learning, online instruction is growing in use and popularity. This increased utilization of online learning has also led to an increase in the research associated with online learning. However, even with the increased implementation and research of online learning, a lack of understanding for how to effectively address the needs of students with learning disabilities (LD) in these environments exists. Additionally, with recent widespread use of online learning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many are ready to abandon the use of online learning for students with disabilities. Given the negative impact a lack of experience in online learning environments can have on students with LD in their postschool lives, this manuscript aims to provide actionable guidance for planning, evaluating, and implementing effective asynchronous instruction.


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distance education, design, instruction, web-based


Love, M. L., & Ewoldt, K. B. (2021). Implementing Asynchronous Instructional Materials for Students With Learning Disabilities. Intervention in School and Clinic, 57(2), 132-137.


Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching