Leading While Oppressed: Black Women Leading Urban High Schools in Texas




Dixon, Sharene Lynn

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This study undertook a thorough investigation into the complex experiences of Black female principals leading urban high schools in Texas, with a primary objective of spotlighting the pervasive underrepresentation of Black women in high school principalship. Through rigorous examination, the research evaluated the multifaceted challenges faced by secondary Black female principals as they navigate to and through the position. Beyond merely highlighting adversities, the study illuminated the remarkable triumphs, setbacks, and daily realities of being a Black female principal amidst educational landscapes with inequities and biases.

In addition to uncovering hurdles, the research captured the diverse experiences of Black female principals, exploring their unique strategies, perspectives, and insights. By immersing itself in their narratives, the study provided a comprehensive understanding of their leadership journey, offering valuable insights into how they navigated the complex intersectionality of race, gender, and educational leadership. Furthermore, it shed light on the resilience, innovation, and unwavering determination exhibited by these lady leaders as they strove to sustain success in pivotal roles shaping the academic, social, and emotional well-being of their students and communities.

Qualitative Sista Circle Methodologically is a method used to employ a blend of research, surveys, and Sista Circles rooted in Black Feminist Thought and intersectionality. Through these avenues, the research uncovered emergent themes such as the journey through principalship, challenging stereotypes, navigation within high school leadership, advocacy, and Social Justice Leadership. Additionally, subthemes like Imposter Syndrome, Unorthodox Elevation, Uplifting Others, and Overcoming Trauma provided nuanced insights into the experiences of Black female principals in educational leadership.



Black feminist thought, Black women in leadership, Black women leading, Black women principals, Sista Circles, urban schools



Educational Leadership and Policy Studies