A Grounded Theory Study of the Re-Entry Process of Teen Parents' Return to School After Dropping Out




Melton, Brenda Lee

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Without the rich stories of the experiences of teen parents who drop out of school and then re-enter, we do not have a total picture of the dropout phenomenon and how best to address the issues for this marginalized group. Using the research strategies of Charmaz' social constructivist grounded theory, Melton has gathered detailed stories about overcoming obstacles, connecting with others, and finding resources to complete their high school education. The pivotal role of school counselors as advocates becomes even more imperative to support teen parents in completing their education. Hopefully, this research has added depth to the understanding of what works, what is needed, and what interventions are most effective with teen parents. By using the Relational-Cultural Theoretical lens, Melton has developed the Model of Relational Resilience and Marginalization of Teen Parents who Re-enter High School after Dropping Out to better understand of the experiences of teen parents by defining their needs, exploring their resiliency, and highlighting the importance of protective factors and relationships in returning students to school.


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Dropout, Relational Cultural Theory, Resilience, School counselor, Teen parents, Teen pregnancy