A Customized Human Mitochondrial DNA Database (hMITO DB v1.0) for Rapid Sequence Analysis, Haplotyping and Geo-Mapping




Shen-Gunther, Jane
Gunther, Rutger S.
Cai, Hong
Wang, Yufeng

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The field of mitochondrial genomics has advanced rapidly and has revolutionized disciplines such as molecular anthropology, population genetics, and medical genetics/oncogenetics. However, mtDNA next-generation sequencing (NGS) analysis for matrilineal haplotyping and phylogeographic inference remains hindered by the lack of a consolidated mitogenome database and an efficient bioinformatics pipeline. To address this, we developed a customized human mitogenome database (hMITO DB) embedded in a CLC Genomics workflow for read mapping, variant analysis, haplotyping, and geo-mapping. The database was constructed from 4286 mitogenomes. The macro-haplogroup (A to Z) distribution and representative phylogenetic tree were found to be consistent with published literature. The hMITO DB automated workflow was tested using mtDNA-NGS sequences derived from Pap smears and cervical cancer cell lines. The auto-generated read mapping, variants track, and table of haplotypes and geo-origins were completed in 15 min for 47 samples. The mtDNA workflow proved to be a rapid, efficient, and accurate means of sequence analysis for translational mitogenomics.



bioinformatics, hypervariable region, mitochondrial DNA, mitochondrial genomics, mitochondrial haplogroup, molecular anthropology, next generation sequencing, oncogenetics, phylogeography


International Journal of Molecular Sciences 24 (17): 13505 (2023)


Molecular Microbiology and Immunology