Review of Teaching Strategies Towards Development of a Framework for Online Teamwork




Thite, Swapneel
Ravishankar, Jayashri
Martinez Ortiz, Araceli
Ambikairajah, Eliathamby

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American Society for Engineering Education


Teamwork and leaderships skills are highly valued skills in industries all over the world. These graduate attributes significantly influence student employability and improve chances of early career growth. COVID 19 pandemic has pushed the higher education sector to move course deliveries from face to face(f2f) to online abruptly. Teamwork activities are traditionally associated with face to face (f2f) engagement between students, peers, and faculty members. Hence, cultivating teamwork and leadership skills in an online environment, where poor engagement and isolation are common problems, need diligence in course design to resolve. The research question is twofold (i) what are the characteristics of a successful online course? (ii) how to design an online course that leads to an improvement in teamwork and leadership skills of the students? This review paper lays the groundwork for creating a framework that assists in design of a course with online teamwork component to improve teamwork and leadership skills in students. The proposed version of framework is grounded in systematic literature review and critical analysis of the existing teamwork teaching methods and models, online teamwork challenges, and online learning theories like constructivism and cognitivism. The initial phase of this framework focuses on general requirements for online course design. It is built upon three major pillars: Community of Inquiry Framework, Tuckman’s Model of Teamwork, and authentic assessment methodologies. A pilot implementation of this framework was trailed in an electrical engineering course. Performance, feedback, and analysis of these results are discussed to check the validity of the framework. The outcome of the implementation can be used by the wider academic community as a guide for designing online courses comprising of teamwork and leadership skills as learning outcomes.


This paper was originally presented at the 2021 American Society for Engineering Education annual meeting (virtual). © 2021 American Society for Engineering Education



Thite, S., Ravishankar, J., Martinez Ortiz, A., & Ambikairajah, E. (2021). Review of Teaching Strategies Towards Development of a Framework for Online Teamwork. Paper presented at 2021 ASEE Virtual Annual Conference.


Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Engineering
Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching
Engineering Education