Impulsive Reaction-Diffusion Delayed Models in Biology: Integral Manifolds Approach




Stamov, Gani
Stamova, Ivanka
Spirova, Cvetelina

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In this paper we study an impulsive delayed reaction-diffusion model applied in biology. The introduced model generalizes existing reaction-diffusion delayed epidemic models to the impulsive case. The integral manifolds notion has been introduced to the model under consideration. This notion extends the single state notion and has important applications in the study of multi-stable systems. By means of an extension of the Lyapunov method integral manifolds’ existence, results are established. Based on the Lyapunov functions technique combined with a Poincaré-type inequality qualitative criteria related to boundedness, permanence, and stability of the integral manifolds are also presented. The application of the proposed impulsive control model is closely related to a most important problems in the mathematical biology—the problem of optimal control of epidemic models. The considered impulsive effects can be used by epidemiologists as a very effective therapy control strategy. In addition, since the integral manifolds approach is relevant in various contexts, our results can be applied in the qualitative investigations of many problems in the epidemiology of diverse interest.



reaction-diffusion equations, delays, impulses, integral manifolds, stability


Entropy 23 (12): 1631 (2021)