A Review of AI-Based Cyber-Attack Detection and Mitigation in Microgrids




Beg, Omar A.
Khan, Asad Ali
Rehman, Waqas Ur
Hassan, Ali

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In this paper, the application and future vision of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based techniques in microgrids are presented from a cyber-security perspective of physical devices and communication networks. The vulnerabilities of microgrids are investigated under a variety of cyber-attacks targeting sensor measurements, control signals, and information sharing. With the inclusion of communication networks and smart metering devices, the attack surface has increased in microgrids, making them vulnerable to various cyber-attacks. The negative impact of such attacks may render the microgrids out-of-service, and the attacks may propagate throughout the network due to the absence of efficient mitigation approaches. AI-based techniques are being employed to tackle such data-driven cyber-attacks due to their exceptional pattern recognition and learning capabilities. AI-based methods for cyber-attack detection and mitigation that address the cyber-attacks in microgrids are summarized. A case study is presented showing the performance of AI-based cyber-attack mitigation in a distributed cooperative control-based AC microgrid. Finally, future potential research directions are provided that include the application of transfer learning and explainable AI techniques to increase the trust of AI-based models in the microgrid domain.




Energies 16 (22): 7644 (2023)