2020, America Revealed




Dehoyos, Toni

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The 2020 pandemic hit and a lot of things changed and thousands of people were against guidelines and mandates, turning a blind eye to something very serious. I was inspired to create a print for depicting America and Americans as whole as careless and selfish. We preach unity and safety from others yet still find ways to build a wall and politics plays a big part in it. In my piece I chose Uncle Sam as my subject matter as he is the symbol for America. Uncle Sam is shown as a bust being carried by a person who is divided into two representing division in our country as well as Uncle Sam wearing his mask improperly as a way to signify America’s poor execution in handling the virus only to be met halfway.


This item was created by a UTSA undergraduate student during the Fall 2020 semester as a part of a collaborative, interdisciplinary project designed to gather, create and preserve the UTSA stories of the present for future study.


COVID-19, pandemic, health, America, politics, undergraduate student works



Art and Art History
Art and Art History