Arbitrary-Order Sensitivity Analysis of Eigenfrequency Problems with Hypercomplex Automatic Differentiation (HYPAD)




Velasquez-Gonzalez, Juan C.
Navarro, Juan David
Aristizabal, Mauricio
Millwater, Harry R.
Montoya, Arturo
Restrepo, David

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The calculation of accurate arbitrary-order sensitivities of eigenvalues and eigenvectors is crucial for structural analysis applications, including topology optimization, system identification, finite element model updating, damage detection, and fault diagnosis. Current approaches to obtaining sensitivities for eigenvalues and eigenvectors lack generality, are complicated to implement, prone to numerical errors, and are computationally expensive. In this work, a novel methodology is introduced that uses hypercomplex automatic differentiation (HYPAD) and semi-analytical expressions to obtain arbitrary-order sensitivities for eigenfrequency problems. The new methodology exhibits no sign of truncation nor subtractive cancellation errors regardless of the order of the sensitivity, it is general, and can obtain any high-order sensitivities with the simplicity of first-order computations. A numerical example is presented to verify the accuracy of the method, where the free vibration of a homogeneous cantilever beam is studied. For this problem, up to third-order sensitivities of the eigenvalues and eigenvectors with respect to the material and geometrical parameters were obtained, considering the cases of close and distinct eigenvalues. The results were verified using analytical equations, showing excellent agreement for the eigenvalues and the eigenvectors. The new method promises to facilitate the computation of sensitivities for eigenfrequency problems into routine practice and commercial software.



complex-variable differentiation, structural dynamics, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, sensitivity analysis, modal analysis, optimization


Applied Sciences 13 (12): 7125 (2023)


Mechanical Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Construction Management