On the Seismic Evaluation of Steel Frames Laterally Braced with Perforated Steel Plate Shear Walls Considering Semi-Rigid Connections




Majlesi, Arsalan
Asadi-Ghoozhdi, Hamid
Bamshad, Omid
Attarnejad, Reza
Masoodi, Amir R.
Ghassemieh, Mehdi

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Steel plate shear walls usually do not satisfy the strong-column weak-beam design criteria, leading to larger column sections. On the other hand, rigid frame structures are typically constructed in low-rise to mid-rise buildings built in locations prone to strong earthquakes due to their high flexibility and cost-effective solutions. Overcoming these restrictions to the SPSW system, this paper is dedicated to employing a semi-rigid connection that dissipates energy well and reduces the forces applied to the structure. By using a semi-rigid connection in an adjacent span to the SPSW, the actual flexural capacity of the beam end decreases and, subsequently, improves the performance of the structure in terms of the of the strong-column weak-beam criteria. Thereupon, the impact of the semi-rigid connections on steel frames with SPSWs as a sideway resisting system can be assessed by implementing a numerical study. In this paper, a new methodology for modelling semi-rigid joints is used considering five connections with different moment capacities. Moreover, the influence of three different circular diameters on the behavior of the perforated SPSWs was investigated. To fulfil these purposes, nonlinear dynamic analysis was conducted to assess the reliability of 5-, 10-, and 15-story frames resisted with SPSWs and semi-rigid connections subjected to actual ground motion records. A total of 45 frames were modelled and the obtained results were compared with reference benchmarks. The outcomes of the studies show good agreement with design building code requirements. In addition, the reliable performance of the structure under seismic loads is evaluated. According to the results of the parametric study, the presumed allowable drift leads to obtaining the optimum moment capacity of connection for each model and illustrates the applicability of a new structural system consisting of SPSWs and semi-rigid connections simultaneously.



nonlinear dynamic analysis, seismic design, steel structures, semi-rigid connections, steel plate shear wall (SPSW)


Buildings 12 (9): 1427 (2022)


Civil and Environmental Engineering