A Preliminary Archaeological Survey along the Medio Creek Drainage, Southwestern Bexar County, Texas




McGraw, A. Joachim

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Center for Archaeological Research, The University of Texas at San Antonio


During late February, March and April of 1977, a preliminary archaeological survey was conducted along portions of Medio Creek, an intermittently running waterway in southwest Bexar County. Particular interest in this area focuses around two main elements: (1) the area of Medio Creek and southwest Bexar County in general is very poorly known archaeologically; and (2) suburban development moving westward from the city of San Antonio will shortly destroy or alter major areas of the topography near or on the creek, along with its archaeological resources. The intent of the survey was to locate archaeological sites in the area and determine their significance and potential before destruction or alteration occurred. This general perspective encompasses an overall view of the creek drainage and possible occupational patterns that might have occurred.


This volume in the Center's Regional Studies series presents the results of the first scientific archaeological study to be done in southwestern Bexar County. The research was done by the author, A. Joachim McGraw, as a semester project in UTSA's "Texas Archaeology" course (ANT 4113) in Spring, 1977.


Texas History, Archaeological surveying, Medio Creek (Bexar County, Tex.)--Antiquities