Effect of Feedback on Hexaco & Learning Styles on Academic Behaviors




Copisarow, Emma
Previc, Fred

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Office of the Vice President for Research


Personality and learning style tests have been known to predict academic success. However, self awareness (metacognition) of these results could predict achievement still further. The HEXACO personality test measures different trait spectrums, which can give recommendations for various professions, while a learning styles assessment analyzes how a person learns in the most efficient manner. If students receive feedback concerning their results, will they have more applicable study skills, declared major and career choice, and higher attendance than those who do not receive feedback? To calculate this, a binary logistic regression was used to predict differences between students who exhibit certain academic behaviors and choices. Participants were recruited through the UTSA subject pool (SONA) and were given online versions of HEXACO test, a learning styles explanation, and a brief demographic questionnaire; subsequently a self report to measure a person’s class attendance, study skills, academic confidence, declared major, and career choice was administered. In addition to the feedback variable being used, gender, SAT/ACT scores, college classification, and age were also measured as covariates in the regression equation. The results determined, if administering and providing feedback concerning the HEXACO and the learning styles explanation improved study skills and attendance, increased confidence, and led to solidified choices of both major and career.