Archaeological Monitoring of a Parking Lot at Hemisfair Park in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas




Zapata, José E.

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Center for Archaeological Research, The University of Texas at San Antonio


In April 2016, the University of Texas at San Antonio Center for Archaeological Research (UTSA CAR), under contract with Pape-Dawson Engineers, Inc., and in response to a request from the City of San Antonio (COSA), conducted archaeological monitoring of a 0.63-acre (0.25-hectare) parking lot adjacent to the Beethoven Hall (41BX584) in Hemisfair Park. The archaeological services were in response to a request for fulltime monitoring of all subsurface construction excavations in this culturally sensitive area of downtown San Antonio. Impacted areas were graded with a road maintainer and trenched with a compact excavator. A bobcat auger was used to drill 8-ft. (2.4-m) holes. Approximately 6-14 in. (15.2-35.5 cm) of surface was removed, in 3-4 in. (7.6-10 cm) cuts, from the perimeter. These excavations failed to locate any cultural features, and only modern litter, such as broken glass, pull tabs, and plastic bottle caps, was observed but not collected. The study was conducted under Texas Antiquities Permit No. 7612, with Dr. Paul Shawn Marceaux serving as Principal Investigator and José E. Zapata serving as Project Archaeologist.



archaeological investigation, archaeology, Texas archaeology, San Antonio History, Texas History, Hemisfair Park (San Antonio, Tex.), Archaeological surveying--Texas--Bexar County, Excavations (Archaeology)--Texas--Bexar County, Bexar County (Tex.)--Antiquities