An Electromagnetic Sensor with a Metamaterial Lens for Nondestructive Evaluation of Composite Materials

Savin, Adriana
Steigmann, Rozina
Bruma, Alina
Šturm, Roman
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This paper proposes the study and implementation of a sensor with a metamaterial (MM) lens in electromagnetic nondestructive evaluation (eNDE). Thus, the use of a new type of MM, named Conical Swiss Rolls (CSR) has been proposed. These structures can serve as electromagnetic flux concentrators in the radiofrequency range. As a direct application, plates of composite materials with carbon fibers woven as reinforcement and polyphenylene sulphide as matrix with delaminations due to low energy impacts were examined. The evaluation method is based on the appearance of evanescent modes in the space between carbon fibers when the sample is excited with a transversal magnetic along z axis (TMz) polarized electromagnetic field. The MM lens allows the transmission and intensification of evanescent waves. The characteristics of carbon fibers woven structure became visible and delaminations are clearly emphasized. The flaws can be localized with spatial resolution better than λ/2000.

electromagnetic sensor, damages, metamaterials lens, FRPC, nondestructive evaluation
Sensors 15 (7): 15903-15920 (2015)
Physics and Astronomy