Automating Android Accounts: A Rule-Based Approach to Login and Account Creation

dc.contributor.advisorWang, Xiaoyin
dc.contributor.authorDeeley, Jarred McKnight
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dc.description.abstractThe android operating system is widely used by many users and has a vast collection of software applications. With most of these applications (or more commonly known as apps) relying on a Graphical User Interface (GUI), GUI testing is a concern. Manual GUI testing is costly so there is a demand for automated GUI testing but it has its limits when it comes to account creation and account login. This paper explores the possibility of using a rule-based tool to automate account creation and account login in an app. By focusing on the account creation and account login, other GUI testing tools may be used in conjunction to test the main functionality of an app.
dc.description.departmentComputer Science
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dc.subject.classificationComputer science
dc.titleAutomating Android Accounts: A Rule-Based Approach to Login and Account Creation
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