Historical Resources of the Choke Canyon Reservoir Area in McMullen and Live Oak Counties, Texas




Everett, Dianna
Bandy, Philip A.

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Center for Archaeological Research, The University of Texas at San Antonio


This is the second in a series of volumes published on the cultural resources of the Choke Canyon reservoir area of southern Texas. Research has been underway in the reservoir basin since 1977 under the terms of Contract No. 7-07-50-V0897 (Nueces River Project) between the Center for Archaeological Research, The University of Texas at San Antonio and the Bureau of Reclamation of the United States Department of the Interior. The original contract constituted Phase I of the cultural resource investigations. During Phase I, the Cultural Resources Institute of Texas Tech University worked under a subcontract with the Center for Archaeological Research in carrying out a program that involved a study of the area's history, an examination of the historical archaeology, and a site survey. This volume, along with Volume 3 of the Choke Canyon Series, fulfills the subcontract agreement of Texas Tech University. Part I of the present volume is the work of a professional historian and follows a format standard among historians. For example, the citations of references differ from those typical of an archaeological report format as seen in Part II. The careful reader will notice other aspects of style and format in this volume that differ from previously published reports of the Center for Archaeological Research; this reflects the fact, that the manuscript was typed in final form by the Cultural Resources Institute at Texas Tech. We have, however, modified the bibliographies to conform to Center format. Part I, by Dianna Everett, is an important summary of the history of the Choke Canyon region. It can be used in conjunction with Volume 1, dealing with the historic Indian populations, to obtain an overview of the historic cultural patterns of the region. Part II, authored by Philip A. Bandy, is a detailed study of historical sites investigated under the Cultural Resources Institute subcontract. It is a major contribution to the understanding of early Anglo-Hispanic utilization of what is now Live Oak and McMullen Counties. Sharon G. Quirk, Thomas R. Hester, August 27, 1981



Texas History, Live Oak County (Tex.)--Antiquities, McMullen County (Tex.)--Antiquities, Texas--Antiquities