Antiviral Activity of Novel Quinoline Derivatives against Dengue Virus Serotype 2




De la Guardia, Carolina
Stephens, David E.
Dang, Hang T.
Quijada, Mario
Larionov, Oleg V.
Lleonart, Ricardo

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Dengue virus causes dengue fever, a debilitating disease with an increasing incidence in many tropical and subtropical territories. So far, there are no effective antivirals licensed to treat this virus. Here we describe the synthesis and antiviral activity evaluation of two compounds based on the quinoline scaffold, which has shown potential for the development of molecules with various biological activities. Two of the tested compounds showed dose-dependent inhibition of dengue virus serotype 2 in the low and sub micromolar range. The compounds 1 and 2 were also able to impair the accumulation of the viral envelope glycoprotein in infected cells, while showing no sign of direct virucidal activity and acting possibly through a mechanism involving the early stages of the infection. The results are congruent with previously reported data showing the potential of quinoline derivatives as a promising scaffold for the development of new antivirals against this important virus.



dengue virus, quinolines, antiviral


Molecules 23 (3): 672 (2018)