Labor Market Integration of African Immigrants: The US in a Comparative Perspective




Okabe, Lydia Mabel

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This dissertation provides a thorough understanding of the labor market integration specifically the employment and occupation outcomes of African immigrants in comparison to other immigrant groups and native-born individuals in both the United States and key European countries, specifically Spain and Italy. The study examines factors shaping their integration, such as employment outcomes, educational selectivity, and occupational preferences. Adopting a comparative perspective, the research seeks to unveil both the shared characteristics and distinctive features in the integration experiences of African immigrants compared to other immigrant groups in the United States and Europe. This study employs two datasets, namely IPUMS ACS (2016-2020) and IPUMS International (2000, 2001 & 2011), to investigate the employment patterns of African immigrants relative to other immigrant groups and native-born individuals. Additionally, it assesses the employment outcomes of African immigrants in the United States, Italy, and Spain, aiming to discern the influence of host country factors and educational selectivity on employment trends. Furthermore, the study examines the impact of education and host country on the occupational engagement of African immigrants in high-skilled occupations within Italy, Spain, and the USA. Gender-specific analyses are conducted to account for potential disparities in migration patterns and labor market participation between males and females. Through logistic regression analyses and the inclusion of interaction effects involving education, place of birth, and host country, the findings reveal noteworthy variations in the employment dynamics of African immigrants compared to other immigrant cohorts and native-born individuals in the United States. Additionally, surprising insights emerge regarding the employment patterns of African immigrants in Italy, Spain, and the USA, along with their involvement in skilled labor across the three examined countries.



African Immigrants, Employment, Immigrants, Integration, Labor Markets, Migration



Applied Demography