Variability in the Capacity to Produce Damage-Induced Aldehyde Green Leaf Volatiles among Different Plant Species Provides Novel Insights into Biosynthetic Diversity




Engelberth, Jurgen
Engelberth, Marie

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Green leaf volatiles (GLVs) are commonly released by plants upon damage, thereby providing volatile signals for other plants to prepare against the major causes of damage, herbivory, pathogen infection, and cold stress. However, while the biosynthesis of these compounds is generally well understood, little is known about the qualities and quantities that are released by different plant species, nor is it known if release patterns can be associated with different clades of plants. Here, we provide a first study describing the damage-induced release of major GLVs by more than 50 plant species. We found major differences in the quantity and quality of those compounds between different plant species ranging from undetectable levels to almost 100 µg per gram fresh weight. We also found major shifts in the composition that correlate directly to the quantity of emitted GLV. However, we did not find any major patterns that would associate specific GLV release with distinct clades of plants.



green leaf volatiles, (E)-2-hexenal, (Z)-3-hexenal, hexanal, plant damage, plant volatiles, plant defense, plant species, release pattern


Plants 9 (2): 213 (2020)


Integrative Biology