Survey of Datafusion Techniques for Laser and Vision Based Sensor Integration for Autonomous Navigation




Kolar, Prasanna
Benavidez, Patrick
Jamshidi, Mo

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This paper focuses on data fusion, which is fundamental to one of the most important modules in any autonomous system: perception. Over the past decade, there has been a surge in the usage of smart/autonomous mobility systems. Such systems can be used in various areas of life like safe mobility for the disabled, senior citizens, and so on and are dependent on accurate sensor information in order to function optimally. This information may be from a single sensor or a suite of sensors with the same or different modalities. We review various types of sensors, their data, and the need for fusion of the data with each other to output the best data for the task at hand, which in this case is autonomous navigation. In order to obtain such accurate data, we need to have optimal technology to read the sensor data, process the data, eliminate or at least reduce the noise and then use the data for the required tasks. We present a survey of the current data processing techniques that implement data fusion using different sensors like LiDAR that use light scan technology, stereo/depth cameras, Red Green Blue monocular (RGB) and Time-of-flight (TOF) cameras that use optical technology and review the efficiency of using fused data from multiple sensors rather than a single sensor in autonomous navigation tasks like mapping, obstacle detection, and avoidance or localization. This survey will provide sensor information to researchers who intend to accomplish the task of motion control of a robot and detail the use of LiDAR and cameras to accomplish robot navigation.



datafusion, data fusion, multimodal, fusion, information fusion, survey, review, RGB, SLAM, localization, obstacle detection, obstacle avoidance, navigation, deep learning, neural networks, mapping, LiDAR, optical, vision, stereo vision, autonomous systems, data integration, data alignment, robot, mobile robot


Sensors 20 (8): 2180 (2020)


Electrical and Computer Engineering