A Genetic Algorithm Using Triplet Nucleotide Encoding and DNA Reproduction Operations for Unconstrained Optimization Problems




Zang, Wenke
Zhang, Weining
Zhang, Wenqian
Liu, Xiyu

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As one of the evolutionary heuristics methods, genetic algorithms (GAs) have shown a promising ability to solve complex optimization problems. However, existing GAs still have difficulties in finding the global optimum and avoiding premature convergence. To further improve the search efficiency and convergence rate of evolution algorithms, inspired by the mechanism of biological DNA genetic information and evolution, we present a new genetic algorithm, called GA-TNE+DRO, which uses a novel triplet nucleotide coding scheme to encode potential solutions and a set of new genetic operators to search for globally optimal solutions. The coding scheme represents potential solutions as a sequence of triplet nucleotides and the DNA reproduction operations mimic the DNA reproduction process more vividly than existing DNA-GAs. We compared our algorithm with several existing GA and DNA-based GA algorithms using a benchmark of eight unconstrained optimization functions. Our experimental results show that the proposed algorithm can converge to solutions much closer to the global optimal solutions in a much lower number of iterations than the existing algorithms. A complexity analysis also shows that our algorithm is computationally more efficient than the existing algorithms.



genetic algorithm, triplet nucleotide encoding, DNA, numerical optimization


Algorithms 10 (3): 76 (2017)


Computer Science