Development And Implementation Of Challenge Based Instruction In Statics And Dynamics




Freeman, Robert
Vasquez, Horacio
Knecht, Martin
Martin, Taylor
Fuentes, Arturo
Walker, Joan
Martinez Ortiz, Araceli

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American Society for Engineering Education


This paper discusses challenge-based instructional (CBI) materials developed for courses in Statics and Dynamics. This effort is a component of a funded College Cost Reduction and Access Act (CCRAA) grant from the Department of Education, and focuses on student retention and development of adaptive expertise. Studies have shown that minority science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) students leave STEM undergraduate fields in part due to lack of real world connections to their classroom learning experiences. Furthermore, in STEM fields the conventional approach is to teach for efficiency first and for innovation only in the latter years of the curriculum. This focus on efficiency first can actually stifle attempts at innovation in later courses. Our response to these issues is to change the way we teach. CBI, a form of inquiry based learning, can be simply thought of as teaching backwards. In this approach, a challenge is presented first, and the supporting theory (required to solve the challenge) second. Our implementation of CBI is built around the How People Learn (HPL) framework for effective learning environments and is realized and anchored by the STAR Legacy Cycle, as developed and fostered by the VaNTH NSF ERC for Bioengineering Educational Technologies. The developed materials are a result of collaboration between faculty members at the University of Texas-Pan American (UTPA) and South Texas College (STC), a two year Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI).


This paper was originally presented at the 2010 American Society for Engineering Education annual meeting. © 2010 American Society for Engineering Education



Freeman, R., Vasquez, H., Knecht, M., Martin, T., Fuentes, A., Walker, J., & Martinez Ortiz, A. (2010). Development And Implementation Of Challenge Based Instruction In Statics And Dynamics. Paper presented at 2010 Annual Conference & Exposition, Louisville, Kentucky. doi:10.18260/1-2--16904


Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Engineering
Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching
Engineering Education