PBL preparation for physician assistant facilitators




Midla, George S.

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This study explores facilitator preparation for a physician assistant (PA) problem based learning (PBL) program. A qualitative study approach was used to investigate the experiences of seven faculty members from two separate PA PBL programs within the continental United States. Data was collected through interviews using open-ended questions that were recorded and analyzed. The results revealed important themes related to topics that addressed the faculty participants' personal experiences when first beginning this method of teaching. Issues addressed included the facilitator's outlook towards PBL, previous experiences which helped to make a smoother transition into their teaching position, approaches that assisted in preparing faculty and students to teach and learn in a PBL program, academic resources referenced by faculty members, and the use of nonclinical tutors in a PA PBL program.


The author has granted permission for their work to be available to the general public.


Adult Learning, Facilitator Preparation, PA, PBL, Physician Assistant, Problem Based Learning



Educational Leadership and Policy Studies