Surface enhanced resonant Raman scattering in hybrid MoSe2@Au nanostructures




Abid, Inès
Chen, Weibing
Yuan, Jiangtan
Najmaei, Sina
Peñafiel, Emil C.
Péchou, Renaud
Large, Nicolas
Lou, Jun
Mlayah, Adnen

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We report on the surface enhanced resonant Raman scattering (SERRS) in hybrid MoSe2@Au plasmonic-excitonic nanostructures, focusing on the situation where the localized surface plasmon resonance of Au nanodisks is finely tuned to the exciton absorption of monolayer MoSe2. Using a resonant excitation, we investigate the SERRS in MoSe2@Au and the resonant Raman scattering (RRS) in a MoSe2@SiO2 reference. Both optical responses are compared to the non-resonant Raman scattering signal, thus providing an estimate of the relative contributions from the localized surface plasmons and the confined excitons to the Raman scattering enhancement. We determine a SERRS/RRS enhancement factor exceeding one order of magnitude. Furthermore, using numerical simulations, we explore the optical near-field properties of the hybrid MoSe2@Au nanostructure and investigate the SERRS efficiency dependence on the nanodisk surface morphology and on the excitation wavelength. We demonstrate that a photothermal effect, due to the resonant plasmonic pumping of electron-hole pairs into the MoSe2 layer, and the surface roughness of the metallic nanostructures are the main limiting factors of the SERRS efficiency.


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Abid, I., Chen, W., Yuan, J., Najmaei, S., Peñafiel, E. C., Péchou, R., . . . Mlayah, A. (2018). Surface enhanced resonant Raman scattering in hybrid MoSe2@Au nanostructures. Optics Express, 26(22), 29411-29423. doi:10.1364/OE.26.029411


Physics and Astronomy