My Defining Moments: Becoming a mom, brother battling cancer, and passion for the military




Harper, Destiny

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This year so far has been a huge defining moment in my life as well as my family’s. While our world and people within our communities fight and try to prevent the battle against covid-19, two of the most defining moments have occurred for me. Over the past year I became a single mom and had my first child. My little brother was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, a rare bone cancer, robbing him of his senior year of high school at Central Catholic. As the granddaughter of a Mexican immigrant, American patriotism runs strong in our family. I intend to follow in the footsteps of my Great grandfather who served in WWII, my grandfather who served during the Vietnam conflict, my brother who is serving in the Navy and my mother and father who served during Desert Storm. As a human being, your "purpose" is what guides you, gives your life meaning, and helps you evaluate opportunities. When we can identify our purpose, our reason for being alive, we can create a life of intention and meaning.


This item was created by a UTSA undergraduate student during the Fall 2020 semester as a part of a collaborative, interdisciplinary project designed to gather, create and preserve the UTSA stories of the present for future study.


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