First fluconazole-resistant Candida auris isolated from fungal otitis in Iran

Taghizadeh Armaki, Mojtaba
Mahdavi Omran, Saeid
Kiakojuri, Keivan
Khojasteh, Shaghayegh
Jafarzadeh, Jalal
Tavakoli, Mahin
Badali, Hamid
Haghani, Iman
Shokohi, Tahereh
Hedayati, Mohammad T.
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Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences

Background and Purpose: Candida auris, as a new characterized pathogenic yeast,has attracted remarkable attention in the recent decade due to its rapid global emergence and multidrug resistance traits. This unique species is able to cause nosocomial outbreaks and tolerate adverse conditions; however, it has been mostly misidentified by conventional methods. Case report: This report aimed to describe the first fluconazole-resistant case of C.auris otitis in an immunocompetent patient in Iran. The isolate showed minimum inhibitory concentration of ≥ 32 μg/ml for fluconazole; however, the patient was treated with topical clotrimazole and miconazole with no recurrence. Conclusion: This was the second strain of C. auris isolated from otitis in Iran which was fluconazole-resistant, unlike the first Iranian isolate.

Candida auris, fluconazole-resistant, Iran
Taghizadeh Armaki, M., Mahdavi Omran, S., Kiakojuri, K., khojasteh, S., Jafarzadeh, J., Tavakoli, M., . . . Abastabar, M. (2021). First fluconazole-resistant Candida auris isolated from fungal otitis in Iran. Current Medical Mycology, 7(1), 51-54. doi:10.18502/cmm.7.1.6243
Molecular Microbiology and Immunology