A Love Letter to Houston




McLain, Gillian

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I was born and raised in Houston, Texas as was most of my mother's immediate side of the family. Our city is very important to me, its vibrance and style is so unique, our communities are resilient. I wanted to pay respects to the streets, buildings and art that I love, while also bringing attention to the greater humanitarian issues in Houston a lot of which due to COVID-19. I hope that the appreciation I have of where I come from is evident in my work, but most importantly this video is made for those who have the resources to help out the homeless, LGBT+ and black communities in the greater Houston area.


This item was created by a UTSA undergraduate student during the Fall 2020 semester as a part of a collaborative, interdisciplinary project designed to gather, create and preserve the UTSA stories of the present for future study.
Item is a YouTube video available at the link below.


COVID-19, undergraduate student works, racial justice, homelessness



Art and Art History