Influence of land use on geochemistry and microbial population and their subsequent effects on soil phosphate mobilization across a climatic transect in Kansas




Banerjee, Protik
Veach, Alisson
Kulkarni, Harshad V.
Nagaraja, Thiba
Das, Suprem
Datta, Saugata

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UTSA Graduate School


Introduction: ➢ Phosphorus(P) is one of the major nutrients required for plant growth and it is important to understand its dynamics in soils and identify the factors that govern its cycling in nature ➢ Understanding abiotic and biotic drivers of P across land use will broaden our knowledge of soil P cycling in semi-arid ecosystems

Methods: ➢ Samples collected from two regions – Konza Prairie LTER and Hays, which lie on a climatic transect across Kansas ➢ These two locations have contrasting land use patterns: Konza Prairie(LTER) - naturally pristine site with minimal human intervention, Hays - agriculturally influenced site

Konza Prairie soil type: Sandy loam

Hays soil type : Loamy soil

Sample collection: Soil samples collected from depths 0-6” inches from the surface from different watersheds in Konza (n=18) and from different land use areas in Hays (n=12) followed by preservation in anaerobags using O2 absorbers and subsequent storage in 4°C





Environmental Science and Engineering