From Black and White to Technicolor: An Autoethnographic Study on a Biracial Teacher's Journey to Resist Whiteness in Science Education




Olivarez, Kimberly Sapp

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The purpose of this autoethnographic study is to explore how a biracial science teacher resists whiteness in science education. This autoethnographic exploration delves into the intricate web of identity, informed by the intersection of Critical Race Theory (CRT), Critical Whiteness Studies (CWS), and Cultural Efficacy. In a world marked by increasing diversity and complexity, understanding the dynamics of race, whiteness, and cultural efficacy has never been more critical. This research offers a nuanced self-narrative that uncovers the multi-layered dimensions of identity, privilege, and agency within the context of the United States. Through the self-narrative lens of autoethnography, the study provides an intimate journey of self-discovery, acknowledging the researcher's own experiences, biases, and evolving awareness in relation to race and identity. This research aims to inspire critical dialogue, self-reflection, and collective action, inviting readers to consider their own role in dismantling racial inequities and fostering social change.



Autoethnography, Critical Race Theory, Critical Whiteness Studies, Cultural Efficacy, Multicultural Education



Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching