A Hybrid TOPSIS-Structure Entropy Weight Group Subcontractor Selection Model for Large Construction Companies




Gao, Ce
Elzarka, Hazem
Yan, Hongyan
Chakraborty, Debaditya
Zhou, Chunmei

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The selection of suitable subcontractors for large construction companies is crucially important for the overall success of their projects. As the construction industry advances, a growing number of criteria need to be considered in the subcontractor selection process than simply considering the biding prices. This paper proposed a hybrid multi-criteria structure entropy weight (SEW)—TOPSIS group decision-making model that considers 10 criteria. The proposed model was able to handle large amount of subcontractors’ performance data that were collected in different types. Additionally, the model can integrate experts’ judgments while accounting for their varying level of expertise and correcting for their biases. This paper also provided a case study to demonstrate the proposed model’s effectiveness and efficiency, as well as its applicability of large construction companies. While this study was applied to construction subcontractors’ selection, the proposed methodology can also be easily extended to various decision-making scenarios with similar requirements.



construction subcontractor, big data, hybrid multi-attributes, group decision-making, TOPSIS, structure entropy method


Buildings 13 (6): 1535 (2023)


Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Construction Management