Development of Intensity–Duration–Frequency (IDF) Curves over the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Using CHIRPS Satellite-Based Precipitation Products




Alsumaiti, Tareefa S.
Hussein, Khalid A.
Ghebreyesus, Dawit T.
Petchprayoon, Pakorn
Sharif, Hatim O.
Abdalati, Waleed

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The recent flooding events in the UAE have emphasized the need for a reassessment of flood frequencies to mitigate risks. The exponential urbanization and climatic changes in the UAE require a reform for developing and updating intensity–duration–frequency (IDF) curves. This study introduces a methodology to develop and update IDF curves for the UAE at a high spatial resolution using CHIRPS (Climate Hazards Group InfraRed Precipitation with Station) data. A bias correction was applied to the CHIRPS data, resulting in an improved capture of extreme events across the country. The Gumbel distribution was the most suitable theoretical distribution for the UAE, exhibiting a strong fit to the observed data. The study also revealed that the CHIRPS-derived IDF curves matched the shape of IDF curves generated using rain gauges. Due to orographic rainfall in the northeastern region, the IDF intensities were at their highest there, while the aridity of inland regions resulted in the lowest intensities. These findings enhance our understanding of rainfall patterns in the UAE and support effective water resource management and infrastructure planning. This study demonstrates the potential of the CHIRPS dataset for IDF curve development, emphasizes the importance of performing bias corrections, and recommends tailoring adjustments to the intended application.




Remote Sensing 16 (1): 27 (2024)